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In Sunday School

Children in grades 3-6 meet at 10:00 AM in the Adult Education room with Annie Niermann and Andy Beck. Children in grades K-2 meet at 10:20 AM in the South Balcony with Katherine Ness.  


The younger children read stories from the Spark Children's Bible, sing songs using instruments and scarves, and learn a song or prayer that will be used in that day's service.

The older kids, for the last year, have spent most of their time focusing on Genesis, Exodus and then the Judges and Prophets of the Old Testament, learning about the many ways God fulfills his promises and cares for his people. 


From mid-November until Christmas, all children spend most of their Sunday School time working with Jenny Crossman in preparation for the Christmas pageant.  


And in the new year (2020), we’ll focus on the life of Jesus in the Gospels, hoping to follow Christ’s ministry, death and resurrection in the real time of the liturgical calendar.  All Sunday School children will also get to work together on a group art project, designed for display in the sanctuary. 


Sunday School takes place each week during the school year except on holiday weekends. All are welcome to come any time! Please contact Andy ( or Katherine ( with any questions.

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