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Our stories

Here are some thoughts and reflections from people who currently are members of the OSA community. Listening to and reading what they have to say speaks volumes about what they and many others value and treasure about their experiences and relationships here.  We're hoping some of their words may be helpful as you consider whether you could find a spiritual home here.  

"To be pulled into and honored by this congregation because of a graceful welcome, rather than an oppressive call to duty and obligation, helps my faith in Jesus to grow." - Bob, attending OSA since 2001.

"OSA is a living community community of faith. The diversity of gifts and talents people bring to OSA make it a unique place." - Joyce, attending since April 2011.

"We all know each other and we are unafraid to explore the openness of an expansive, not rigid, view of God. When I go to OSA, I'm blessed so that I can be a blessing." - Michael, attending since 2008

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