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Our Saviour's Atonement

Pre-Visit COVID-19 Screening

Based on recommendations from CDC and local government guidelines, Our Saviour's Atonement will begin limited in-person worship on Sunday, May 30, 2021.  The health and well-being of all people who enter our space is our number one priority. In preparation for your attendance at the upcoming Sunday morning worship service, please complete this brief COVID-19 wellness screening. We appreciate your voluntary support in helping to keep our worship space and community safe and healthy! And remember, if you feel off with any symptoms or answer YES to any of the below questions, STAY HOME and visit us on line at


Have you personally tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days or are you awaiting results from a COVID test?
Do you live with or have you come in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
Have you traveled internationally or to any state showing significant community spread with in the past 14 days?

(Click here for more information regarding community spread in various locations.   

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days, or are you currently experiencing any of the following: fever, chills, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, cough, fatigue, or sore throat?

Once submitted, your request will be confirmed by email. However, before making the trip to church, because of the limited number of in-person attendees allowed, please wait for another email confirming your reservation for the service you requested.

Thanks for submitting!
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