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connecting At A special event

The annual OSA  christmas Tree Sale - 2020

The annual OSA Choir christmas festival - 2019

A highlight of the Christmas Season is the OSA Choir Christmas Festival.  It began and continues as a way for people to be out of town at Christmas to experience the joy of Christmas through music in the context of a worship service.  This year, in addition to several special Christmas anthems, the featured piece was Vivaldi's Gloria sung by the choir and accompanied by a small chamber orchestra.  

In addition to the photos and video below the complete audio file can be accessed through the following link:

Our old boiler dies -- the new boiler arrives

After many years of service, we learned in mid-June that our faithful boiler finally has finally disintegrated beyond repair and we finally need a new one. Our old boiler was a 1911 design, top of the line for its era, but the cast iron sections had rusted away from the inside. It was time to say goodbye and get a new one.  


After receiving competitive bids the contract for a new boiler was awarded and the boiler started its service at OSA on November 8 – just as some cold weather arrived to put it to work. 

Needless to say, the $77,000+ bills for the new equipment needs to be paid.  To pay for this several benefits have occurred including a Pie and Trivia night as well as the not-soon-to-be-forgotten and very successful Boiler Ball.  Take a look at the photos from the Boiler Ball which clearly show what fun people had.

The 2019 Boiler Ball

We’re happy to report that as of December 1, $59,839 has been raised - $10,480 from the Boiler Ball alone, $12,806 from our congregation and $12,806 from the Cornerstone community.  But we still have a ways to go to pay before the “boiler bill” is paid.


If you’re reading this letter, you probably have some investment in OSA. Maybe you got sober in our kitchen. Maybe you meditate in our chapel. It could be that your kids spend a couple afternoons a week here, writing poetry, making art, dancing at BPAC. Perhaps they learned to love the violin here. Imagine how your life would be different if OSA was not here, or if the programs you relied on had to relocate because there was no heat.


If that is the case for you, your gift will help keep OSA and its ministry in the life of this neighborhood going for years to come.

Make a Contribution to the Campaign For a New Boiler
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