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Stewardship Campaign 2022

Dear Friend,


Everyone needs connection and community—we hope that you find that here at OSA. We hope you find a people who can share your hopes and sorrows, a place that feels like home, and most importantly, a community that experiences the love of Jesus Christ together. 

When we connect with one another we share who we are. There’s an offering prayer we often use in our liturgy: “we offer ourselves, our time, and our possessions, signs of your gracious love.” We do that because that’s a way of connecting with God. God shares Godself completely with us in Christ Jesus—Jesus, who offered all of himself for us and to us. So we offer what we have, signs of love, means of sharing.

When we give to our congregation, we also "bear one another’s burdens”. Sometimes we can offer more, sometimes less, but because we all share in giving, we find we always have enough. 

Please use this tool to make your pledge to OSA for this year. Your pledge is a promise to share the signs of God’s love in your life with the whole people of God. Together we bear one another’s hopes and sorrows and delight together in the signs of God’s love among us.

Your 2022 Time, Talent & Treasure Pledge Card

My Time and Talents

In the coming year needs will arise for which your time and talents will be needed.  This is not only an opportunity to serve but also a chance to meet and develop relationships with people you may have seen in church but don't know very well.  It's also a way to experience how our congregation works.  Would you be available to help?  If so, take a look at the list below and select areas that interest you.  If there are gifts or areas of interest not listed, please use the Other category with your suggestion/choice.  At the end of this year's Stewardship Campaign your choices will be forwarded to the appropriate leaders to let them know of your Time and Talents gifts so that someone will be in touch with you to help you get connected.  We will do our best to match up volunteers with the needs.  This matching may mean that you may not be asked to serve on all the selections you make.  

How I can serve:

My Treasure

If you are unsure of how much you can spend or how to go about calculating what portion of your income makes sense to do so, you might find the following guide helpful in making that decision.  Click here to see that guide.

2. Frequency -- Select an option

Thank you for your Pledge!


Temple Talks 2022 Campaign

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